Welcome to the official site of KURODAIYA INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION (KIF).

Here you can find information about the recognition of certificates of all instructors of Kurodaiya, the next generation martial art. All practitioners of Kurodaiya are a member of KIF.

KIF does all Accreditation for the certificates and diploma of KTEC Violence control/management.

Under the button "Association" you will find all schools where Kurodaiya is being practiced and taught by a certified instructor.
All instructors in the world who are certified and licensed to teach and provide training in Kurodaiya or one of the programs of Kurodaiya or run a Kurodaiya school, are registered on this site. If you don’t find a persons name on this site under "Licensed Instructors" who teaches Kurodaiya, then it is not an authorized instructor and he or she is acting in violation of the law.

Kurodaiya is a patent system and the owner is Krishna Gopal The founder of Kurodaiya. No one should teach this without the consent of the founder. This website is created in order to prevent proliferation. All information which it contains is up to date and come directly from the administration of Kurodaiya International Federation. All information on this site is checked and approved by the founder, Krishna Gopal.